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We provide expertise to obtain unique structural information on proteins and other biological macromolecular in solution. You can discuss the scientific problem with us under non-disclosure agreement. If SAXS is the right method to approach your problem, we offer either mail-in data collection or user visit to synchrotron radiation facility for SAXS experiments. We will also do the data analysis and write up report for each measured sample.

What BioSAXS can do for pharmaceutical research

BioSAXS is a powerful method to study the structure of proteins or other biological macromolecules in solution. Here is an incomplete list of its applications in pharmaceutical industries:

  • Low resolution (up to 12 Angstrom) protein structure determination (when crystallization is not possible)
  • Formulation optimization of biotherapeutics (protein stability studies)
  • Antibody aggregation study at high concentrations
  • Study of virus microstructure change induced by drugs
  • Understand the shape and size of polymer micelle for drug delivery
  • Investigate protein behavior under various buffer conditions (e.g. antibody aggregation and the formation of insulin fibrils)

Sample requirements

  • Mono-disperse samples are required if one would like to obtain low resolution structural information about the protein or protein complex under study.
  • Polydisperse samples (e.g. highly concentrated antibodies or other biotherapeutics) can also be studied to obtain information about particle size distribution.

Please contact us ( if you have specific questions about sample requirements.

Data collection and analysis

Biorontech scientists have more than 10 years research experience in the field of BioSAXS. Data will be collected at the state-of-art synchrotron SAXS beamlines. We accept mail-in samples for synchrotron SAXS data collection.

We use our expertise and the state-of-art SAXS software for SAXS data analysis and modeling. You have already collected the SAXS data at synchrotron radiation facilities or using some in-house SAXS instruments. You have lots of data and feel have no time to analyze them. Or you have your data analyzed, but you are not sure whether you extract the maximum information out of them. In all cases, you can rely on our expertise in BioSAXS. Simply sending the raw data, within weeks we provide you a written report to describe the analyzed results and 3D ab-initio models or rigid body models when possible. Of course all data and information will be handled following the non-disclosure agreement.

Plan your SAXS experiment

For our customers, SAXS experiments can be as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Discuss with our expert the problem which you think SAXS may give you the answer.
  2. Send your sample to us or arrange a synchrotron visit to collect the data with our help.
  3. Get the analyzed SAXS results in a written report.
If you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.